Our Top 5 Limo Movie Scenes!

With the class, style and sense of power, that the limousines exude it is easy to see why filmmakers are drawn to them. They are a great visual communication tool, to subtly enhance overtones of particularly momentous occasions. In the real world, limousines aren’t just exclusive to the rich and famous, they can be used for real-life events like personal airport transfers for formals.

Over the years, films have featured limousines to subconsciously influence the scene for the viewer. Adding an understated air of wealth, luxury, or to enhance the seriousness of a scene. A conversation that takes place in a limousine is probably going to be a significant plot driver.

We think our pick of our favourite movie scenes that use limousines are pretty great examples of the way a limo can add a touch of style, importance and drama to any scene.

Secret of My Success

This scene is probably the best 80’s limousine scene that has ever existed. The use of music, cheeky shots through the mirror and a lipstick is possibly the most creative way anyone has portrayed flirting in a limousine. Plus, a young Michael J. Fox as a chauffeur can never hurt the eyes.



Pretty woman

Arguably one of the most loved films of the 90’s, the romance of Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere, and Vivian Ward played by Julia Roberts climaxes in every romantic’s dream final scene.

In this scene, Edward can’t get to Vivian fast enough to profess his love. Screaming down the street, Edward makes his entrance standing up through the sunroof of his 1984 white stretch Cadillac Fleetwood limousine. Opera blasting grandly, a bouquet of roses in hand. Edward jumps out and flings the roses into his mouth where he holds them while he climbs the fire stairs of Vivian’s apartment.




Sex and The City

We’re no going to get into the politics of how disappointed fans were by the actions of Big in the Sex and The City movie.  In this scene, Big the main male character who drifts between protagonist and antagonist, (played by Chris Noth) has just realised what a stupid mistake he has made by standing Carrie (Sarah Jessica-Parker) up at the alter.

He screams at his driver to turn around on a one-way street to head back to the church immediately. Passing Carrie and her posse along the way. The two limousines pull up on the street, where drama erupts as Carrie looses herself screaming, crying and hitting Big with her would-be-bridal-bouquet. It’s a dramatic scene, but the faithful, ever professional chauffeur’s hold it together. Not that we wish you any drama on your big day, the team at Event Limousines will have the same level of cool professionalism no matter the occasion.



Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Who does not love young Macaulay Culkin in the family Christmas classic?! We sure do. In the scene when he uses his stolen credit card to take a limousine joy-ride to the biggest and best toy store in the city we couldn’t be more jealous.

He might be alone in the big apple, without family for Christmas, but he sure knows how to have himself a good time. Naturally, a limousine and steaming hot cheese pizza are necessities in this endeavour.



Big Lebowski

A cult classic, loved by many, praised by film buffs for its use of dramatic constructs and techniques. The Big Lebowski is the story of ‘The Dude’, a man in the running for the laziest man in LA, and hopefully of laziest man in the world. The bathrobe wearing, stoner gets into a series of events after being mistaken for a far wealthier, much more productive Lebowski.

Before long The Dude is treading in hot water as he manages to get himself caught up in a blackmail deal with thugs and the other Lebowski. This scene is an important plot developer, set in the back of a limousine it oozes gangster drama.



While we can’t guarantee that your big day will be as famous as any one of these movie scenes. We can assure you, you will be looked after like a celebrity. Our services, private cars and drivers are as sophisticated, cool, professional and elegant as the movies. Get in touch with us today to find your dream ride and limousine hire!