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The World’s Most Elaborate Limousines

Want a glimpse into the lives of those of exorbitant wealth? Want to see how they travel in style? Their versions of luxury limousines are just something else. Extortionate, extravagant, ludicrous, ostentatious and pretentious are all valid words to use when describing these automotive creations. So, let’s have a look at the world’s most elaborate limousines.

Our Top 5 Limo Movie Scenes!

With the class, style and sense of power, the limousines exude it is easy to see why filmmakers are drawn to them. They are a great visual communication tool, to subtly enhance overtones of particularly momentous occasions. In the real world, limousines are exclusive to the rich and famous, or lifetime events like weddings.

Limousines: Why they are perfect for any event

Limos are an affordable and competitive alternative to taxis. Do you have a special occasion, like a formal or wedding, where you’d like to arrive/leave in style? Or maybe you want to secure a reliable and comfortable transfer to the airport or corporate event?

Hiring a car for your wedding day

Getting to your wedding on time is obviously important: you don't want to be more than just a little fashionably late, and end up leaving your guests tired, bored and hungry from waiting. But you also want to get there in style. After all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and it wouldn't be complete without your dream ride carrying you there in all your bridal glory.

What is an Airport Limousine Transfer Service Really About?

A limousine usually means glamour, luxury, comfort and, especially, being able to pop your head out through the sunroof. These stylish cars are usually known as the wedding, sweet sixteen or bachelorette party transportation, so it isn’t the first vehicle we think to use to go or come from the airport?