Hiring a car for your wedding day

Getting to your wedding on time is obviously important: you don’t want to be more than just a little fashionably late, and end up leaving your guests tired, bored and hungry from waiting.

But you also want to get there in style. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and it wouldn’t be complete without your dream ride carrying you there in all your bridal glory.

By considering just a few things when you’re planning on hiring your wedding car, you can guarantee your trip will run smoothly, on time, and in the kind of luxury you deserve on your wedding day.

Think outside the box

You don’t need to choose a traditional white stretch limo if it’s not to your taste, or to the theme of the wedding. Your unique style shines through every aspect of your wedding, down to the colour of the napery and your dress—and your wedding car shouldn’t be any different.

There’s no rule about how to get to your wedding, and you should choose a car that feels right for your day. Maybe youǯre looking for classic Hollywood glamour, with sleek sophistication and the red carpet treatment. Or maybe you and your bridal party would have the best time rocking out in a party-style car with an open top.

Either way, your choice should reflect both the style of the wedding, and your individual personality—so don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re looking at your options.


Think about your photos

One of the reasons to think about choosing the right style of car for your wedding is the photos. It’s probably not going to be the family and group shots of your wedding that you like the most when you’re looking back years later.
It’ll be the ones that document those last precious moments before you’re married—the ones that capture your nerves and excitement as your step out of your car to go to your ceremony in all your bridal beauty.
You might also want a photograph of you being driven away in the classic, just married style. Not all companies can comply with your requests, so decide if it’s important to you, and look for a company who’ll be happy to oblige you with your decorations and timeframes.
With a little planning, you’ll end up with that priceless keepsake capturing the moment where you ride off into the sunset as husband and wife.

Think about timing

Make sure you choose a reputable hire car company for your wedding, one known for being reliable and on time. While all your guests will expect you to arrive a little after the ceremony start time, there’s a limit to what’s reasonable—and you don’t want to leave the groom standing at the altar with cold feet.
You also need to consider whether the company will first be driving the groom and the groomsmen to the ceremony before making another trip to collect the bride and bridesmaids, or whether you’ll need to hire another car. If the venue is a fair distance from your pick up location, you’ll need to consider traffic and other events that could cause you all to be late.
Most hire car companies will charge by the hour, so it could be expensive to have your private chauffeur at your disposal for the entire wedding, from the pick up, to the location wedding shoot, to the fancy exit, and to the honeymoon venue.
But if it’s important to you to have that touch of luxury throughout your wedding, it’s definitely worth considering.
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Think about the cargo

First off, you need to decide how many people will be traveling with you. Obviously, larger wedding parties, or extra guests like the mother of the bride, will mean you need more cars or a stretch limousine to accommodate them.
 But you should also consider the size of your dress, and your bridesmaids dresses. If you don’t want to crush all those layers of fabric, choose a car with lots of room to spread the dresses out, so you’ll all still look fresh and wrinkle-free when you arrive.
There’s another thing that’s always easily overlooked: your luggage. If you’re travelling straight to your honeymoon suite after the reception, youǯll need to arrange for your bags to be transported—you can always have a generous friend or family member do it for you, but most hotels have regulations about check-in as well, so there might not be anywhere safe to store it at the hotel before you get there.
Arranging a hire car for the entire length of your wedding will solve that problem as well: your driver will be with your baggage in the boot of your car until it’s time to go. And if you’ve got the cash to spare, hire an extra car to take your family members or bridal party home after the wedding. If you choose a roomy car, they’ll have a comfortable ride home—and they can take your wedding gifts with them.

Think about the ride

The journey to your wedding is supposed to be glamorous, and professional wedding car companies will help you add those finishing touches of luxury to help you relax and enjoy the ride.
Most companies will oblige you by playing the mixes you’ve painstakingly worked on to create the right mood for your wedding day, but you’ll need to confirm the format they’ll be able to play, whether it’s via Bluetooth or CD.
Think about other special requests you have that will make your journey exactly as you’ve dreamed it will be: stop offs on the way for extra photographs, glasses of champagne, and touches of ribbon to match your wedding colours. Many companies will be happy to oblige your reasonable requests, but make sure they’re documented in your contract as well.

Think about booking in person

For most of the wedding decisions you make, hiring and booking is better when you do it in person. Having a face to go with a name gives you an extra sense of security, and it helps the company to remember you and your requests when the big day arrives.
You’ll also see your car first hand before your wedding day, so there wonǯt be any risk of disappointment when it rolls up to collect you.
You’ll get a good idea of the quality standards of the company too, because a good company will always keep their fleet in pristine condition, even when it’s not in motion.
 But all things considered, the single most important factor in hiring your wedding car is the company. At Event Limousines, our drivers are wedding professionals: we deliver the most professional formal and wedding car hire services available, with drivers who are as skilled in customer service as they are in efficiently navigating the roads.
Contact us anytime for more information about our fleet and our wedding services, and we’ll be happy to add a touch of luxury to your big day.

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