Key Questions to Ask A Limousine Company Before Saying “Yes!”

If you are in the market for a limousine in Brisbane, then chances are you are paving your way to a special event. Even if you are simply organising a Brisbane Airport transfer for a business associate or client, you are in the market for a particular style of service. Something a little more elegant, luxurious and thoughtful than a taxi.

Whatever the occasion, you will certainly have an expectation as to what the standard of service the limousine company delivers. To avoid disappointment, or worse, disaster, here are a few quick questions to ask before you say ‘yes’ to the limousine.

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The Fleet

Most people have a certain style of vehicle in mind when they are planning their event, though that is not a steadfast rule for everyone. Doing some primary research to see if the company has the vehicle you had in mind, or if their fleet appeals to you, is the very first step. Perhaps you might find a pleasant surprise and change your mind.

After you’ve chosen your vehicle, approach the company and inquire as to the age of the vehicle(s) and as to the number of them they have.

What happens if your vehicle breaks down before they day, or worse, on the way to the event? Knowing you have a backup vehicle available gives you a certain peace of mind you probably didn’t even know you needed.

This is also the time to ask about the availability of the limousine you like.

Hire Time

Essentially, hire time equates to the total bill. Taking time to talk with the limousine company will reveal the minimum hire times and any potentially hidden ‘extras’ costs.

Moreover, taking the time to plan out your event and talk with the company means there is an opportunity for them to help you optimise your service. Perhaps you are looking for a limousine for your wedding day, but what about leaving the reception, or travelling to your honeymoon destination (even if it is an airport transfer). Wouldn’t it be lovely to make the whole occasion luxurious?

Price and Payment

Just like discussing the hire time, the purpose of having a thorough conversation about the pricing breakdowns and payment methods is to help to you reveal any cheeky ‘extras’ costs.

This way you know exactly what you are getting for your money, and what you are not. You may also be able to negotiate some things.

For example, with some limousine companies you may have to pay extra for flowers on wedding party vehicles, perhaps instead of using their florists, you want to use your own.

In this sense, you are still paying for the flowers, but you are in a little bit more control, or at the very least, understanding of the cost breakdowns.

Similarly, simply asking ‘what does that price include’ will reveal information about whether the price of fuel is included. The company will work with you to plan a specific route if you are taking toll roads, who will foot the bill?

Formal Credentials

The limousine industry in Brisbane is heavily legislated, limousine hire companies must reach very strict industry standards. Furthermore, they must be able to present evidence that they have met these standards should a customer request it. Which you should. Ask for proof of insurance and the chauffeurs credentials.

Ask for It in Writing

Ask for your quote to written down, this will include a summary of the driving plan and a breakdown of all the costs. This will help you remember exactly what you are getting. Additionally, it is also a measure of accountability for the hire company and for the customer.

In Person Check

View of chauffeur from inside vehicle

Ask if you can go and see the vehicle fleet in person before the event. This way you know exactly what you are signing up for. There will be no disappointment, and who knows maybe a few more questions might surface.

Hiring a limousine for your next Brisbane event or Brisbane Airport transfer shouldn’t be a hassle. However, to avoid any unfortunate hiccups it is best practice to follow the simple steps laid out. You shouldn’t feel awkward asking any of the questions, and if the limousine hire company is dodging questions then it might be best to not follow through with them.

Hiring a limousine in Brisbane should be a luxurious and elegant experience, from the very first time you contact the company. At Event Limousines our team pride themselves on the standard of service. Call us to inquire about our services or book online. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for bookings and more than happy to tailor packages to best suit you and your needs.