Limousines Vs. Taxis: How Subtle Behind the Scenes Differences Impact You

It is a car which picks you up at one point and takes you to your desired destination, how much difference could there be? Tomato, Tomato, Potato, Potato, right? Well, when we start to break it down, get into the nitty gritty, then you might just see not all transport services are made equally. Especially not taxis and limousines.

If you have a corporate event, special occasion, wedding, or trip to the airport coming up consider these few factors in your transportation decision. It might be the difference between an event which is memorable for the right reasons and preferably forgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Operation model

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The key difference which often goes unnoticed is the way in which the two companies operate. Fundamentally, taxis and limousines run on two very very different organisational models.

It is this modelling which can greatly affect the service you the consumer are receiving.

Taxi cabs run on an ‘On Demand’ model, wherein, there are an assigned amount of taxis on duty, driving around the city to service any number of people.

Because the demand from the public is fairly unpredictable, and their destinations entirely planning concise and smooth service is tricky. It is especially tricky when you throw some pre-booked trips into the mix.

Unfortunately, those who are organised enough to plan their trip in advance and book a taxicab ahead of time maybe be the worst affected by this model.

Should demand from the public surge, or the destination of the previous trip be much further or run into complications, then anyone could have predicted, then the taxi is going to have a hard time getting to the booking.

On the other hand, limousines work solely on pre-book and pre-planned trips. The organising team work tirelessly in the lead up to your trip to ensure the limousine is in pristine condition, they know exactly where they are going and they arrive ahead of time.

If you are planning an important event, have a delicate wedding gown or simply need to know you will be running on time, then booking a limousine is what you need.


Just as the timely arrival of your ride is ultimately determined by the organisational model differences. The price of your ride – and let’s face it this is a huge factor in decision making – is impacted by the operation model.

Because taxis run on an ‘on demand’ service model, their fares are subject to rapid change, should demand suddenly go up. Because, why not profit from people demanding your service.

But not only is public demand a factor, traffic and unexpected road instances i.e. a D-tour will affect the total bill. The taxi cab meter calculates not just distance but time, so even when you are sitting still in traffic, you are being charged.

While this is not news to anyone, but it is still pretty frustrating to be sitting in the back watching the meter tick over out of your control. You could not have predicted this traffic, but now you are paying for it – literally.

When booking a limousine, the team will map out the best route for the time of day you are travelling. They do this before they even say yes, or can give you a quote.

In contrast to taxicabs, the price of a limousine is always fixed, so you can ride in relaxation, and luxury, of course.

The Trimmings & The Service

It is here, in the trimmings and the service that the most visible differences between taxis and limousines lie. In the tangible, the condition of the car, and the palpable impacts of service from booking all the way through to the drive its self.

Taxis are high demand, high use vehicles. They help a lot of people get around, at all hours of the day and night.

It is this frequency that impacts the vehicle. Seats get worn, accidents and spillages happen. But the maintenance and cleaning may not be equal to the damage.

Taxis feel used and worn in. Limousines, on the other hand, are well groomed, low-frequency vehicles. Meticulously cleaned and polished before every trip.

Naturally, the demand, frequency, maintenance and grooming of the vehicle impact the choice of make and model the company will make.

Taxicabs and strong reliable vehicles, they about practicality, not aesthetic. Whereas limousines are beautiful machines designed to make all passengers comfortable and at ease in elegance.

If you have an elegant, and no-doubt expensive, ball gown then protecting it from marks and stains is obviously a priority. But so too is simply having enough space for you and the dress.

The number of trips and the vehicle being driven unsurprisingly impact the service from the driver. Taxi cab drivers work long hours taking people from all walks of life, in all kinds of moods in every which direction for hours on end.

Limousine drivers are invested in your trip, they, after all, are a small piece of the planning puzzle. They are interested and invested in making it and enjoyable and memorable time.

So, if you have a special occasion, a formal, a wedding, or a corporate event coming up then you need the service, elegance and luxury of a limousine. If you are travelling to or from the airport, then you want the reliability and comfort of a limousine. Speak with the expert team from Event Limousines today to plan your next luxury ride.